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About Us

At Transducer Lab, our goal is to produce drivers that accurately transform the original electrical signal to an acoustical signal with minimal alteration. Quality is a factor as well. Our drivers are carefully assembled and tested in lab conditions. Transducer Lab tweeters are matched to +/- 1db and each tweeter is thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet our standard specifications.

The N26CS and N26CR2 Oxide ceramic domes are sintered from Al2o3 material. You will notice the purity of the dome by its finish. The domes operate in pure piston motion to well above the audible range.

The N28BER is a high purity Beryllium dome tweeter with advanced design and premium parts to match. Response to 47khz at 95db SPL with a natural airy sound. The N26MG and N26MGR are Magnesium Oxide / pure Magnesium metal sandwich. They are the softest sounding metal dome we offer with a clean character.

Our composite dome tweeters, N26CF & N26CFR, are for those who like the sound of a soft dome but want improved dynamics, detail and lower distortion. The composite domes have higher internal damping than the metal or ceramic domes but still operate in piston motion to above 20khz.

All of our Premium fidelity drivers are designed and assembled in the USA.

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